Helpful videos

Welcome to the Center for Nonprofit Housing’s financial empowerment video series. Whether you’re at home or at the library and whether it’s 11 a.m. or midnight, you can build your money skills. This is an easy to understand video program designed to give you the information as well as tips that get you started in real life.

Financial Psychology
Financial Psychology explains how our feelings affect our finances. It explains how we make financial decisions and how our thoughts on money developed.

Budgeting explains why budgeting is important, how to calculate income and expenses, and ways to get started.

Debt Reduction & Saving
Debt Reduction and Saving tackles where to start once you’ve decided that you need to reduce your debt and save more money. It’s better to watch the Budgeting video before Debt Reduction and Saving.

Understanding Credit
No one hands us a how-to on credit and most of us were never formally taught about credit. Understanding Credit provides an overview of what is in a credit report, how to build credit, repair credit, and explain how credit impacts you.

Insurance & Risk Management
Insurance and Risk Management covers the vocabulary terms associated with insurance, different types of insurance and when you need it. It also offers some tips for purchasing insurance.

Banking Basics
Banking basics touches on the barriers to banking, how to choose a financial institution and how to open and manage an account. This information is good whether your accounts are at a bank or a credit union.